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Ii A new marketing channel. As social networks provide plenty of word of mouth information on brands and products, it is clear that businesses need to approach social networks in the same way that they may be approaching search engines, rating websites, And price comparison sites. Participatory Internet Web. is a marketing channel that must be combined with other traditional forms of marketing, and be seen as part of the marketing mix. New media does not replace traditional marketing tools, such as a local newspaper, television or radio station, but they are another tool that can satisfy the public's preference for electronic instagram pva service media.

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Unlike other traditional marketing tools, the advantage of the online marketing channel is that it enables users worldwide to communicate with each other and exchange views on the products they are interested in. Iii Cost reduction. Marketing through social networks can be an inexpensive way to promote a business, rather than linking to a large marketing team, where some rewarding money is youtube accounts for sale needed to advertise it. For example, MySpace in was charged$ to start advertising through their site, and another $. for each additional ad. As it can rapidly increase the recognition of a business and, by extension, the visibility of its products or services, but on the other hand this recognition may not Is the result of the good marketing function of the business but of some unhappy customers who wish to inform future customers of the company about the quality of its products or services.

Facebook in charged$ as a minimum daily amount, as well as $. and $. depending on the advertised advertising campaign, while LinkedIn was charged$ per thousand clicks on advertising the product or service Advertised. Iv Connections. Social databases give businesses the opportunity to have their own social network of information and contacts identified through social networks while at the same time they can be a very good way to find more suppliers or even workers. Such a social network is LinkedIn, where people gather to exchange professional business information. V Identity of the signal. Through widgets and widgets, businesses can consolidate their presence in social networks and have more opportunities to secure their future presence in the business environment. In order to increase the brand/ brand awareness, employers should encourage employees to participate in social network marketing and stay connected to other community users. However, these activities should be controlled to prevent abuses by workers.

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Finally, although some businesses do not take their brand awareness into promotion of their products seriously, this technique is a credible approach to establishing it in the business sector. When an enterprise finds this method profitable and profitable, then it should consider the possibility of setting up its own social network. The purpose of this research is to study the case of ten enterprises with different employment and to draw conclusions on the implementation Of Social Network Marketing in Greece, as well as the degree of its impact on the promotion of products and services. In particular, the following research aims to answer three key questions that are determining factors in the marketing of products and services. The first instagram pva service question is whether and how E-WOM communication affects the awareness and visibility of the activities of a business promoting products or services through social networks.

The second question seeks to investigate whether companies ultimately benefit from the use of WEB. in general, while the third question deals with the categories of social networks that have the greatest impact both on businesses wishing to Through them and to the general public.Specifically, as mentioned in chapter of this paper, E-WOM communication is the exchange of views among users of any social networking medium, who are interested in and discussing a specific issue. Consequently, users have the ability to comment positively or negatively, even rating a business, in terms of the products or services it offers, their quality, pricing, policy to promote it, the behavior of Its employees, as well as many other issues they consider to be worthwhile to be characterized with positive or negative comments. For this reason, E-WOM communication is considered to be a very important marketing factor for a business.